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This guy already gets it!

Even though Daily Grommet is in quiet beta mode, working out the kinks on our site, a blogger,  Jeremy Greenfield of Post Advertising, picked us up and NAILED our idea.  Yay!  I even agree with his  criticism of our first product video.

Here is my favorite quote:

It’s sort of the anti-Amazon: rather than having everything for everyone with the consumer being responsible to find it, Daily Grommet has only one thing for you, as long as you dig what the Grommettes dig.

We are still figuring out what to deliver on video, vs. copy, vs. blog.  Bottom line:  we have lots of ways to tell the story of a great Grommet.  It’s a terrifically fun challenge.  And so far we shoot the videos in only one or two takes, so we forget to say important stuff, or the crack video guys (our new best friends because they make us seem more articulate than we really are) edit out stuff that we liked (and we still forget about it again).

But thanks, Jeremy, for noticing us.  And even more, for understanding what we are trying to do, before we are really officially doing it!

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