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Grommet–The Actual Launch Moment Video

We recorded the very moment when Eric, our developer, pushed the button to go live for our soft launch. Eric had not left the office for three straight days! And some of us feel like we haven’t left it since August. But Eric was the real hero here!

4 Responses to “Grommet–The Actual Launch Moment Video”

  1. Rachel (in Dublin)

    Woo hoo! the ladeeeeez have lift off. Congratulations. Hope you gave poor Eric some liquid refreshment from that fridge downstairs.

  2. Des

    Two things. If you listen carefully at the end of the video you can hear how — just when the site goes live — there’s the sound of a truck backing up outside. Could this be the delivery truck for all the product you guys are going to sell? And when I saw how incredibly neat Eric’s office is, I was reminded of an Engineering VP in Dublin who told me he equates the neatness of an engineer’s workspace and the neatness of his code. I bet that applies here.

  3. julespieri

    Rachel, Eric is somehow above needing to eat and drink…he goes hours and hours without emerging from his office. He did accept a piece of apple pie from me last week.

    And yes Des…Eric’s code is exactly as neat as you would expect. If he skipped town (he promised me not to) another developer could dive in and understand precisely what he did.


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