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And so it goes…

I showed my husband and two of my sons a batch of new Daily Grommet videos last night.  They were a collection of our upcoming product conversations (between me and Joanne), and a couple videos that are meant to live on our site longer term, to tell the Daily Grommet story. It’s still scary to expose these videos, even to my family.   I’ve never done anything remotely like this video work before.

The family comments went like this…

From the husband:

You look great!

(I did not buy that from him–I knew he had to say it to ensure I got a few hours of relatively undisturbed sleep.)

From the second son, who is a new video expert because he is taking a class in TV production:

There is too much ambient noise.  You need to improve the sound.

From the youngest son, at bedtime.

I liked your videos, Mom.

I smiled and decided to believe him.  I hope that at least a few people agree with him when we launch.

Even with all their flaws, seeing the videos made me really excited to get out there and get going, live, with Daily Grommet.  I was a happy chatterbox until the wee hours.  (Poor husband.) I love what we are trying to do.  I really believe in it.  If that much comes across in the videos, we will be doing well.

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