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Second Grommet Sculpture

Here’s our more frou-frou Grommet sculpture.

It’s the backdrop to the second batch of videos we shot.  You’d have no idea how much effort went into suspending it the perfect distance from the wall to avoid shadows.

I love this ribbon below with the grommets on it.  Haven’t mastered this new camera yet…this photo could be so much better.  But check out the little rusty grommet…found on the bottom of Pleasant Lake in Maine.  It’s my favorite.

4 Responses to “Second Grommet Sculpture”

  1. Melody Watson

    Something about this post made me really, really happy. As do the photos of your sculpture. “Behind the scenes” pre-launch blogging is the best. Thanks for sharing your stories. (Maybe most especially the ones that reveal your very-human challenges.)

    The rusty grommet is fabulous. How perfect that you used it – and pointed it out.

    Can’t wait to see your project unfold! Hang in there with the photo challenges.

  2. julespieri

    Thanks Dan! And your comment made me really, really happy Melody. Truly.

    Joanne made a third sculpture this week–miraculously–which I will post too.


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