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Grommet + Whole Foods = Whole Lotta Good

In my normal weekend food shop I alternate between feisty local favorite Market Basket and Whole Foods. This week it was Whole Foods. In the space of half an aisle, I saw eight different Grommets so I had to snap some photos. Some of them were sourced regionally in Whole Foods before we found them, and many were found by Grommet’s community first.

We have so many shared values that the Whole Foods “foraging” team even came to see us several years ago.

Anyway, here are the eight Grommets I found without trying. If you click the photos you can find the original Grommet video. No judging–we were actively learning how to make videos, very much in public. I have so many fond memories of each of these companies and their Makers. The oldest is Mrs. Meyers–launched on our fourth day of operation.  It makes me very proud to see these fine companies in a national chain like Whole Foods.

That is what we set out to do seven years ago–level the playing field so the best products and companies can win. Gaining sustainable healthy distribution is exactly that–winning. For all of us.


IMG_3747 IMG_3741

IMG_3743IMG_3742 IMG_3748

2 Responses to “Grommet + Whole Foods = Whole Lotta Good”

    • julespieri

      I am proud Kathleen, but also see a long way to go before we’ve helped each of us shift 10% of our budget to supporting Grommet-type companies. Thanks for your support–it all helps.


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