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A spot of help please?

I don’t like to ask my networks very often for social media pushes, but I am bending that rule today as we’ve applied to the SXSW festival and need the public to help us make it past the judges and onto the stage in Austin. Given the chance, we could tell the entire country about our mission in one fell swoop and it would be a huge milestone for us. The public voting is 30% of the overall decision making so we need to make a splash and get many votes. I’m asking you to vote for us, and then spread the word and ask others to vote too.

I’m not simply asking you to help without giving you context as to why or what’s in it for you. The two topics we’ve submitted are near and dear to my heart and much of the reason that I’ve started this company.

If you are a regular reader, you know what Citizen Commerce is and why it’s important. You know that we are undergoing a sea of change in the commerce world and consumers are voting with their dollars more than ever before. You also know that we strongly support post-crowdfunding projects because we know these campaigners need us as the next step to become successful and not become another DOA stat. These are the issues that are important to my company and what we’ve worked hard to submit as panels this year.

So here’s the deal: I’ve made it easy for you. I’ve drafted social media updates that you can copy and paste in your favorite network and help us spread the word. They include links to our two panels. Please go in and vote for us – then post and help us spread the word to others.   (You can vote daily if you are so inclined.  I would be ever so grateful.)

Thanks in advance and see you in Austin.

Pre-drafted updates for your social network of choice:

You raised crazy money crowdfunding – now what? Vote for @dailygrommet to make it to sxsw #panelpicker

The Next Thing You Buy Online Will Matter More – vote for @dailygrommet to make it to sxsw #panelpicker

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