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Warning: bragging mom occupying this space

Skip this post if you can’t stand fawning parents.  I am seriously in awe of my youngest son this month.

This short video gives a really fun glimpse of why I’m beaming.  It’s a time-elapsed clip of the actors and tech crew at his high school taking down the sets for their recent production of “Miss Saigon.”  My son Carl designed these sets as an independent study.  This show is apparently one of the most tech-heavy productions ever created.  I thought it would be impossible to share the complexity of that project with friends and family–until I saw this video.*

It almost makes Carl want to cry to watch this video.  It makes me proud.

I happened to be looking at his baby book tonight.  I realize that if I had known what to look for, I could have seen this talented kid forming at a really young age. But I was clueless.

Oddly enough, when he and his brothers were very small I used to wish for a movie glimpse of them at age 18, so I could know everything was going to be OK.

I guess I just got that.


*A behind-the-scenes tidbit.  The actors are the kids standing around, eating doughnuts, or generally going MIA (“We’re soooo tired.”).  The hard-working people are tech crew.  Carl is wearing plaid shorts.

6 Responses to “Warning: bragging mom occupying this space”

  1. Sarah Nardella

    I am seriously in awe of your youngest son. There’s going to be a quiet hoyse on Dane Rd. come fall…

  2. shoelady2

    Jules –

    The “wordpress” looping sign in requirement doesn’t like any of my wordpress account user/pw combos today. But here is what I say:

    Love it! Now that Im a grandmother, I appreciate even more the worry and concern that they will turn out ok. Wish I knew the recipe. But one key ingredient: parents who worry and are concerned about how they will turn out and are willing to fawn and brag when they do good!

  3. teets

    You look like mom in that photo. I so wish I had a glimpse that all will be ok.


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