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Anything for attention

I’m starting to think I should never leave the office, given my record for mishaps.  I’ve documented a couple here and here.  I’ve also been clear that being a startup CEO is far from glamorous, here and here.  But the other night I outdid myself spectacularly, while receiving a very nice Tech Luminary award from Mass High Tech at the House of Blues. (Note: I was supposed to only say a three word acceptance speech.)

I could only think of one of my favorite entrepreneur quotes, which I’ve had on my wall for three years: ,

The corollary I learned that night:  always wear patterned tights.  They hide the blood on your knees.

8 Responses to “Anything for attention”

  1. Fiona

    Well, your entrance will be remembered, not to worry tho Jules we all love you anyway…. and as we say here in Ireland, ‘It could have happened to a bishop!’
    (Bet your Mum was smiling too!) Btw, congratulations to you all!

  2. It’s a Major Award

    […] The award I received was the bloody knee award. It epitomizes the entrepreneur’s mantra that being successful is just a matter of standing up more times than you fall down.  Jules Pieri, one of our co-founders, exemplifies this spirit in how she has helped navigate Daily Grommet through many bumps in the road over the past years and literally conceived this award after she fell on stage before accepting a Tech Luminary award from Mass High Tech. Instead of withering from embarrassment, she turned her experience into inspiration. (See video here) […]


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