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Shabby chic wit, without the work

The dirty secret of creating a “shabby chic” look in home decor is that it can be a lot of work.  I found this out when I decided to pair ten mismatched chairs at my dining room table.  I sourced four of them while we lived in Ireland, and six in various yard sales and junk stores in Maine.  OK that is a lot of work right there.  But then I had to repair, sand, and paint them all a uniform color (black).  They look great and I love that I can fill in chips with a black Sharpie.

But above is the short cut answer to this look, which I found in Real Simple magazine.  The visual wit is terrific.  If they are comfortable, it’s also a good buy, being hardwood and well constructed, at $700 for two.  They are designed by LIna Nordqvist and available here, at Design House Stockholm.

2 Responses to “Shabby chic wit, without the work”

  1. Casey Cheshire

    The chairs look great! You did a wonderful job turning them into a set. All that’s left is napkin rings that relate to the unique back of each chair!

    And where in Ireland did you live? I’ve only been out west (Lahinch, etc) for a weekend and absolutely loved it.

  2. julespieri

    Casey…well I don’t really get any credit for that–it was really the work of Lina Nordqvuist. I lived in Dublin from 2001-5.


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