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(Not) Real Deal Road Trip #1

I’m in the Bay Area for the week.  After an afternoon on sterile Sand Hill I treated myself to a drive through gorgeous Half Moon Bay.  I had no idea this is Pumpkin Central.  What made me do a double take is that I kept driving by places with big signs advertising “Pumpkin Farm” and “Pumpkin Patch,” but all I saw were huge dirt fields with rows and rows of pumpkins to buy.    One such “farm” was actively being constructed by six guys with a white panel truck.  They were rapid-fire throwing pumpkins out the back and neatly lining them up, fashioning them much as they might be spaced on a native patch.

In New England you generally either buy your pumpkin at the grocery store or farm stand, no pretenses at a “pumpkin patch”.  Or you go to a real one and cut a pumpkin off the vine yourself.  This California hybrid version was a new one on me.

I took a photo of the Half Moon Bay location that did the best job faking it out.  But this proprietor did not actually call the place a “farm” or a “patch,” so they got style points for their humble “Pumpkins” sign.

And I hope I’m not becoming an East Coast snob…I love seeing regional differences like this.

6 Responses to “(Not) Real Deal Road Trip #1”

  1. Lisa

    So I guess you don’t believe in the Great Pumpkin either. In any event, I swear they grow them overlooking the ocean. At least that is what I want to believe.

    • Jules Pieri

      Well keep on believing that because it’s not like I toured the whole area. I can imagine a real pumpkin patch next to the ocean too. How pretty.

  2. Claudia

    Alas, this is not just a west coast phenomenon. This is how they “do” pumpkin picking on Long Island!

  3. Claudia

    I don’t remember going pumpkin picking in Michigan. In an agricultural state like Michigan, I don’t think there was much novelty to the idea of “picking” one. We just bought them at the farm stand or grocery store!


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