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We need to move…yesterday.

We have been bursting at the seams for months but I tripped on a new level of ridiculousness this morning.  Here is how Sara is working today:

She has her computer plugged into the bathroom outlet.  When someone needs the facility, she has to go on battery power.

2 Responses to “We need to move…yesterday.”

  1. Apolinaras "Apollo" Sinkevicius - The Operations Guy

    Some day you will look back at this with your team and miss it.
    In one of the companies I was in we were this packed too (add servers and over-clocked workstations generating heat to the mix). I moved us to class A office built out to our spec, but we kept on reminiscing about the “old times”. All the new hires heard the “original crew” talk about those days, like it was part of the “indoctrination”.
    Almost 5 years later I miss those times. Relationships you build with your teams in those kind of conditions are hard to replicate.

  2. Barbara

    And only Sara could do this with such grace and good humor. She’s just the best.


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