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Good interview on Xconomy

Some of the Daily Grommet team.   BTW, our extended team is mainly men, but this is the group that shows up in our offices daily.

Some of the Daily Grommet team. BTW, our extended team is predominantly male, but this is the group that shows up in our offices daily.

I had a very long sit-down with the journalist Wade Roush of Xconomy last month.   Here’s the interview, just published today. I have to admit, the longer I talk, the more nervous I get about an interview…but Wade did his usual good job of “getting it right.”

I am just a little chagrined at the very last bit where it sounds like I want to rule the world, but other than that….

10 Responses to “Good interview on Xconomy”

  1. Claudia

    Great interview! He did well in telling the Grommet story and obviously had done his own research beforehand. You were articulate, enthusiastic and engaging. Well done!

  2. Jeff Bennett

    What a great article by Wade. Nice to see your business showcased like this. Glad to see your “take over the world” approach. Think BIG and do the right things and you will become BIG! Congrats Jules and the Daily Grommet team.

    • julespieri

      Thanks Jeff. I always say, it takes just as much work to build a small business, so build for big. Beyond that we would not be doing much for Grommet creators if we are tiny ourselves….we want to really get them out in front of tons of people, via a meaningful discovery and distribution platform.

  3. Daniel Weinreb

    There isn’t any hyphen in Full disclosure: I am an investor in One of the big reasons is Wade, who I truly consider the very best tech reporter in the world. He’s also an extremely nice guy, and scrupulously ethical and trustworthy.

    • julespieri

      The hypen is no more. Thanks Dan! Yes, Wade has impressed me since his very first articles at the Xconomy launch. Glad to hear the person is just as appealing as the reporting. That has been my instinct…glad to have it confirmed.

  4. Sara Pacelle

    Hey Jules,
    Great article.
    If one human had to rule the world, I think everything would be OK if it were you. Full disclosure: I work for Jules (although I am on vacation and actually missing work, so am definitely feeling the Grommet buzz.)


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