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I need to get home to Detroit (or out of the office) more

This is yesterday’s video.  Jen Lockwood and Barbara Hall Gordon are in it.

I got this email from my brother Dennis:

OK OK first of all I love the clock..second I didn’t recognize you on the video. I told my coworker that when the video came on that “my sister usually does this” and then you spoke and I said “hey I think that is my sister”. You look different somehow. You look great. I asked my co-worker how old she thought you were and she said 30ish.

I wrote back.

“You must be joking.  That is not me at all.”

He came back,

Well, I was looking over someone’s shoulder. But, she [he meant Jen, in the video] sounds just like you and has the same mannerisms..that’s what threw me.

Clearly I need to spend more time in Detroit, or away from the office, if my own brother thinks Jen and I are one and the same.  But on second thought, my brother is one of the funniest people I know so he is probably just having one on me.  I’ll never know.

Postscript.  Just had a tel call with my bro.  Revealed his true thoughts about the “new” me…thought I lost a bunch of weight and had some “work” done.  I hope he posts his own comment on his thoughts here…he is digging out of a hole.  🙂

7 Responses to “I need to get home to Detroit (or out of the office) more”

  1. Courtney-The Apple of My Eye

    He’s right about her mannerisms! I was thinking the same thing while watching the video, except I knew it wasn’t you. Ha Ha! If you come to Detroit, let me know! I’d love to meet you in person!

  2. dennis

    What kind of sick twisted world do I live in when my own sister clones herself so she can get time out from being the
    head Grometteer. Did you name “Jen” or was it a corporate decision. Well your new sidekick “Barbara” didn’t fool no one, no one!

  3. julespieri

    @Courtney…will do. But you can meet my local brother any day of the week….help him figure out which videos I’m really in. Sheesh. 😉

  4. Claudia

    Maybe you should trademark the Grommette personna (that warm, sophisticated but folksy regular sort of gal)!

  5. julespieri

    @Dennis. Oh you are onto me now. I have said more than once in recent times, “I wish a farmer could clone me, like Dollie the sheep.” I would have the “fundraising” Jules. The “CEO” Jules. And the “available for friends and family” Jules. Maybe Jen is the answer to my prayers!!! I will send her to the next family event, OK? You’ll probably like her better anyway…she’s way funnier than me.

    But my new sidekick? Did you think that Barbara is the “new Joanne?” Well, no one can be Joanne, but the reality is that we are all interchangeable, when it comes to video. The person on the video is just the one with the cleanest shirt on video day. If I’m not feeling psyched about doing a video, I just have to spill coffee down my front. Or stand under a bird.

  6. Jen

    Well this is all too flattering to me. No I am not a clone but I do spend quite a bit of time soaking up the essence of the Daily Grommet. Jules is just rubbing off on me in a very good way. I just had to comment on all of this because I hoped to learn photo shop or download some free software and add Jules to the Galvin Family picture. It would be perfect because Jules would have my mother’s blue eyes and my siblings and I would be off the hook for having those Irish brown eyes. My mom would declare that Jules had more pure Czech blood in her and could step in as the lost Czech princess. We would welcome Jules into our family of more J’s including John, Jeanne, Jill, Janice, Jolene, Jadine, Joel, Josie, John III and John IV. So yes, J’s are welcome. There might be a connection, Great Grandpa Galvin left his family in Buffalo when my Grandpa was a kid. No one knows where he went. Maybe he crossed Lake Erie, changed his name and well cross pollinated in Detroit. What ever the connection, I am happy to step in for video when you have coffee or breakfast on your shirt. Your secret is out. BTW, The Galvin’s would like to invite you to the next function in Buffalo, Dad’s 70th Birthday Party.
    @ Dennis-Thanks for the 30ish looking comment. I look even younger in real life(ha ha)


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