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You can’t pay for this stuff

suggestionYou probably never heard of Swistle.  But if you’re one of the 31 million American women who participates in blogs every day, you just might know her.  Because Swistle writes like her very life depends upon it.  Wit, eloquence, dry humor, and insight spill out of every sentence in her blog.  And she has five kids.  (Where? How?  She is writing about real life stuff all day long.)  Anyway she asked her readers (who don’t pull any punches) to trip on over to Daily Grommet and give her their feedback on the experience.  We devoured every word. I loved it all (even when it was sharp-edged), but here are my two favorite quotes:

I like the information underload.

Yay…that is the whole idea.

The ladies, Jules and Joanne, remind me of the NPR ladies on SNL. Excited (in a monotonous voice) over things that aren’t so exciting. Good times, indeed.

I have to admit that a friend told me “I’m amazed you guys get so excited about this stuff.  How can you keep it up?”  It never occurred to us not to get excited.  Maybe he thinks we are pea-brained or shallow.  But this stuff–products, stories, their creators–are a blast for us.  In our next lifetimes we will probably get excited about GAAP rules, or organic chemistry, or torts and maybe someone from Grommet will take on fluid dynamics, or actuarial science.  For now, we’ll take our daily UPS packages full of promise.

Can’t wait to respond to all the Swistle thoughts on Grommet.

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