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Bloggers + Lunch = Blunch

Ladies who probably rarely lunch

Ladies who probably rarely lunch

We invited a few local star bloggers over to chew and chat today.  We were thrilled they made an enthusiastic showing.  In the photo are Emily Lapkin, of Organized Wisdom (and regular Grommet story writer), Jane Porricelli and her mother Sharon Koutu–co-founders of Mom Generations, Diana Fischer of Offsprung, Christine Koh, founder of BostonMamas, and Jen Deaderick of Offsprung.

We asked for feedback on some Grommets we are evaluating–that was really fascinating.  Bottom line…there are almost as many points of view on a choice as there were people in the room. From Christine:

If you trust your instincts on the choices, you will do fine.

And we asked for general feedback for our newbie venture.  From Jane:

Showing up here today and seeing how fun, and lively, and sincere you are about what you are doing–don’t be afraid to let that show more on your site.

Terrific stuff and I hope you start to see some of these talented women posting to our site and appearing in Grommet review videos.  Contributions from this real-deal group would add special variety and humor and depth that Diana advised us to pursue.  We definitely need Sharon to add the “mother of nine” and grandmother perspective to some of our Grommets.  (I know you can’t believe she is a grandmother when you see her in the photo–in red.)   She has a decidedly unique point of view and we are hearing some confluence on that from our own mothers and their friends….”hey this Daily Grommet is for me too.”

The bloggers plus some of the Daily Grommet team, and Pam Jonah PR maven, in the front in pink

The bloggers plus some of the Daily Grommet team, and Pam Jonah PR maven, in the front in pink

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