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Photo problem solved…and planets aligning in general, I hope

photography1Two weeks ago I whined about how bad I was at taking the photos of Grommet products.  (And also whined about how that was the last thing I should be doing with my time.)  A couple days later, I posted a plea for help on a local community Yahoo group and had four great offers of pro assistance within an hour.  The next day I had the amazing Sue Bruce showing up to take the whole problem off my hands.  I love social media.  And Sue is one of my (many) new best friends.  She cheerfully appears once a week (or more), grabs the top-secret upcoming Grommets, and works her digital magic on them.  Yay, we now have photos that are equal to the products and their stories.

I don’t want to get all mystical, spritual, and airy-fairy, but I do experience that kind of phenomenon pretty often at Daily Grommet.  Just at the moment of really needing something or someone…it, he, or she shows up.

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