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Fresh thinking on the value of a Facebook profile

Very thoughtful post about the value of a Facebook profile, which goes beyond the surface statistical analysis. Tony does not reveal his last name, but I am inclined to feel a kinship with any guy who puts a nice promotional blurb about adopting a retired racing greyhound on the top of his blog.

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s thinking that the value should be variable based on the influence that a user
has. The FB “influence factor” would be based on the number of friends I have,
the number of apps I subscribe to, my groups, number of interactions, etc. My
“influence factor” is a ranking of how involved I am in FB and hence a
reflection of how FB “sticky” I am. The more sticky the better because the more
time I spend in FB means that there are more opportunities to show me ads. Also
a large number of friends means that my profile home page is prime real estate
for product placement messages that my friends will view when they check up on

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