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The less buttons the better

harmony2.jpgharmony2.jpgvudu.jpgIn today’s NYT, David Pogue extolls the virtures of the new at-home movie box Vudu.  He writes,

The remote rocks.  It has only four buttons……[it] is not illuminated, but it doesn’t have to be; if you cannot memorize the four buttons in five minutes, you have bigger problems.

I don’t have a Vudu, but I like the idea of that simple remote.   The “easy-to-use” Harmony universal remote we bought to accompany our fancy-shmancy TV is so frigging complicated that only my oldest son has really mastered it.  Now that he is away at college, his two younger brothers have resurfaced the “old” supposedly-complicated group of four remotes, and are much happier with their media experience.  With all these partisan remote control skirmishes, and our main home video consultant down in Pittsburgh, my husband and I are caught in the crossfire, looking at a lot of Sox games on my fuzzy 22-year-old 12″ set we keep on the back porch.

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