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Happy birthday to us!

The last month of Grommet life has felt like a year–in a good way–so it’s appropriate that we are marking the milestone of our ninth birthday on Friday October 20.

Here are the three Grommet things I am celebrating, illustrated with three different media:

Having a great team.

I think you can almost feel the energy and smarts from this crew when you look at our latest photo.  If not, let me tell you it is real. I am grateful every single day for working with this group of sincere and dedicated individuals.

Our team in front of our office, September 2017

Ace Hardware’s partnership.

I summarized why this partnership has such promise in this recent short “Marketplace Morning” interview with David Brancaccio, aired on NPR.

Grommet’s impact.

Our footprint and economic impact matter a great deal to realizing our mission. Here’s our report card in the form of an infographic.

Everything we do is part of our Citizen Commerce mission. This depends on participation and support from regular people. So as we celebrate The Grommet birthday we are positively grateful for your help in the constant journey that is realizing that mission.

5 Responses to “Happy birthday to us!”

  1. Julie

    Congratulations! The Grommet is fantastic. You truly find hidden gems. I admire your mission. Thank you!

    • julespieri

      Thanks for the kind words Julie. We could not do it without people like you who care about supporting innovation and small business directly, rather than through Amazon which seems to want to use them up and spit them out.

  2. cjonesmbd


    Keep up the AWESOME and INSPIRING WORK!!!

    Christopher B. Jones


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