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A eighth birthday story, by the numbers



Given that this company started with big ambitions, it’s so gratifying to seeing them played out in the numbers.

A Tufts University freshman interviewed me today for an “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” class. As Grommet turns eight, this meeting presented the perfect opportunity to reflect on the ride.

Here are the questions that stuck with me–i.e. the story behind the numbers on the birthday infographic :

When you started the Grommet, what were your goals?  They were simple: make sure we could build a $100M + business, and to create a focus for a movement that we ultimately called “Citizen Commerce.”  This means giving people a way to support the kind of innovative small companies that represent their ideals. We later adopted a third and equally important goal: to build not just a good business but a good company.  This is a place where people can truly learn and grow, and form deep lasting friendships, all while working on an inspiring mission. Bottom line: I want Grommet to embody a highlight of anyone’s career.

When you started, what did you expect to be doing after five years?  I really had no idea–I never plan that far ahead.  I wasn’t sure if I would still be leading Grommet–odds were stacked against any company that started in 2008 surviving.  But eight years into it, it feels more like five years, strangely enough, because the first four years flew by in a hamster wheel haze of battling for survival.

I’m really happy to be well on our way to achieving those big goals listed above.  Just look at the story told by the numbers on our eighth birthday infographic to see what keeps the Grommet team going, until we blow through those goals and just keep marching.




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