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Genius: the flip side of crazy

The beautiful hardware

The beautiful hardware

The Grommet was named the 2016 “Disruptive Genius Company” at the largest digital and interactive awards gala in the country this week!  Woah.  Way back in 2010 the New York Times quoted me saying “that the lack of direct competition makes us either genius or crazy.”  Maybe we are finally getting to the flip side?

Joanne and I at the podium

Joanne and I at the podium

The award was given by MITX–a revered non-profit trade association. MITX is near and dear to my heart because they were singularly very early to notice Grommet–and they gave us an unexpected “Most Innovative Business Model” award way back in 2011.  I suspect their special insight has to do with their focus on digital media, marketing and the technology industry–they “get” us. Some outside observers overly simplify Grommet to an e-commerce site.  I wish the business were that simple–but we deliberately built sustainability and defense into our model, in creating a powerful media machine and community that could, together, move markets.

Anyway, genius, crazy, or both, thank you MITX.  You already made our year.




12 Responses to “Genius: the flip side of crazy”

  1. Helen Harding

    Congrats Grommet! What a rewarding recognition. Keep up the great work!

    • Brenda Stansfield

      Congratulations! You deserve it. So innovative. We are proud to be one of your Makers and pinch ourselves you had the vision for everything The Grommet entails. We are always so impressed by your team. Top notch in innovation & maker relations! Thank you. – Brenda @ Clear My Head

      • julespieri

        Brenda, Awww. Thanks! That is music to my ears–we do it all for people like you and products like yours.

  2. Margaret McKenna

    Warmest congratulations, Jules!! I so well recall driving together to our meetings at HBS when you first told me about your idea for Grommet (including the name)….WOW. You’ve come a long way. Margaret



    I was the first person to recognize you are crazy. Just say’n
    sincerely your brother : )


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