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Grommets a-go-go

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One of the deepest joys at The Grommet is getting love letters and news from our Makers and the customers who appreciate them. Here are two worthy of a quick update.

We launched custom fabric company Spoonflower a hundred years ago. Well, technically, five. They’ve continued to thrive and I was thrilled to see that this North Carolina company just raised $25M in growth equity.  Here’s our original video.

These old videos always make me smile. We were so young! We were (and still are) so human in exactly the way Joanne and I had hoped when Grommet got started.

Our team recently launched a Scrabble-like math game called Mobi.  It has been a big hit with a 96-year-old who is enjoying playing it in her nursing home.

Daughter Christine sent us a thank you for launching Mobi, revealing that her mom, Jodi Lavin, was a math major in college and lives in Geneva, New York. Christine: “My brother Christopher just moved here from San Diego to help care for her.  [Ed note to my three sons: please keep this story in mind when I am 96.] I’m going to post the video from today also on our Mom’s Facebook page (she’s had her own Facebook page for a year and a half and lots of family stop by to catch up on her latest doings). Tomorrow I am teaching another person who lives at the same facility as my Mom how to play “Mobi” — and my sister-in-law plans to buy it for her nephew in San Diego who is just learning math.  I just knew it was something that would strike a chord with our Mom, and it’s clear that by the time I return to NYC on Sunday I will have taught a few people up here how to master the game.”

Here is the third  of four videos we received: of Mom, daughter Mary and Mobi–in action.

These Grommet Makers are really creating a new industrial revolution and I am happy to see that the capital markets are finally recognizing–and funding–these companies. Grommet Maker supporters like Jodi and Christine have long understood that innovation is coming from unexpected sources these days–and that awareness is happily starting to reach investors.

Meanwhile this community will keep on supporting them and we welcome any stories about Grommets a-go-go.

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  1. hank molenaar

    disapointing you won,t ship to Canada are you the only one ?
    Visa is international


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