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Hat Trick of Happy Comments

I keep a file of “Messages that made me happy.”   It got three new additions last week, that I am sharing below.

From Facebook:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.56.10 PM

Via email from a new customer, upon discovering us and sharing The Grommet on Facebook:

Just posted this to my Facebook page….

love this idea…one of those you don’t want to let too many people know about because of the “cat out of the bag” notion but…any portal that gives loft to creativity, invention & inspiration gets a thumbs-up from me….(take a look!)

Love, love, love what you guys are doing. I’m not a big consumer myself but all the more reason to make your choices COUNT! For that gift; for that personal item…. keep up the good work and I am really going to start thinking twice the next time i want to shoot over somewhere like Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond or wherever – to see if I can find something unique, better designed, more original, better suited, more representative of who I am as both a consumer and how I feel about who I may be giving something to, etc.

Continued success – i look forward to following you guys…

all the best,

~ brad

Via email from a talented Grommet employee who is moving onto her next adventure:

“I am going to explore getting my textile/sewing business going again. In addition to custom interiors and bags, I am collaborating with a clothing pattern designer and a pro seamstress to create garments for women with the NOT store typical body shape.  Label is called Broad Chested Broads or BCB.  So far I have been making them for myself and a few friends. I would love some exposure once I get the first line out.  Working with The Grommet has really gotten my engines sparked again.  Witnessing how an idea can explode has renewed my confidence in my creations.

Back to me:  I get soooo geeked out when we light fires of creativity in people like our employee Kim, and in the first, insightful Facebook commenter above.  And when an avowed “non-consumer” like Brad can be engaged at Grommet, I know we are doing our job.  He can see that we are more than a place to buy things.  He realizes he can seize power and influence via this community–to support what he values, and trusts.

P.S.  This Tweet has to be included too.  It’s from IdeaPaint–which turns any surface into a whiteboard.  We launched them when they were just born.  Now *everybody* knows them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 3.25.48 PM

3 Responses to “Hat Trick of Happy Comments”

  1. Lynda jemson

    I like your style Jules. Coming in for an interview Tuesday. Whether I get the position or not, I’m happy the grommet exists. Hope to meet you, for nothing else, but to say congrats, and maybe a few minutes of greyhound talk!


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