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We are “The Grommet” now.

At the Lexington Town Clerk's office, filing our D.B.A. certificate

At the Lexington Town Clerk’s office, filing our D.B.A. certificate

This is a teaser of big things to come this Saturday–a whole new Grommet site is coming!

In anticipation we changed our company name from Daily Grommet to The Grommet.  This shift represents a doubling down in our commitment to “Grommet.” As the company has evolved the word “Daily” has become superfluous, while Grommet is enduring.

I chose the word Grommet in 2008 when this company was just a gleam in my eye.  The reasons remain equally true today:

  • As an industrial designer and product geek, I simply love hardware!  And I have a strong fondness for Grommets in particular. In most applications, like shower curtains, carrying bags, and outdoor gear, Grommets are a humble piece of hardware that simply makes things stronger and better.  And they can have real wit and humor when applied in unexpected places like stationery, and as a decorative texture on apparel.
  • The name is like a “wink” to Makers.  Most people don’t know what a Grommet is.  That’s OK!  It made the name all the more appealing to me because that meant we could define it as whatever we wanted.  But for a fellow hardware or DIY person, it’s a subtle wink—a little bond and connection.
  • Like the hardware, Grommets are products that “make things better” too.  In the case of a new technology or a smart invention, these products can help us in our daily lives.  In the case of a domestically produced Grommet–or one that is manufactured in an impoverished area–they can create needed jobs.  They can preserve a craft, or a quality way of producing a product that is at risk of disappearing. In the case of a company founded by a woman, a young grad, or a senior citizen, they can give lift to an under-represented entrepreneur.  As social enterprises, Grommets can fundamentally improve lives.  As green or sustainable products, they can improve the planet.

Finally, people often call us The Grommet, so we decided to go with the flow.  We like it better too.

It makes us smile to know that the simple act of buying or sharing a Grommet is a truly powerful act.  It empowers us as citizens and consumers to support the companies creating the world we want to live in.

5 Responses to “We are “The Grommet” now.”

  1. Steve Neal

    Great story on the name… I have devised a great many single-handed gazebo-building, shed construction, gravel and palm-tree landscaping, block-laying, stone-cutting, marble tile and glass grouting back-saver techniques, tools, dollies, lifts, jigs, gadgets and honed my skills in using them, but still can’t find an alternate use for the military surplus bag of half-inch metal grommets and their spreader “anvil” tool I got back in 1984.

    Hadn’t thought of them before as being “artwork”, so thanks for the tip…

  2. julespieri

    Go for it Steve…and if worse comes to worst ship them to us and we will figure out a use…even if it is just decorative or a “count the Grommets in this jar” game.

    • Steve Neal

      Hadn’t though of that, either. Perhaps this old bag of grommets and the install anvil means more to you guys in “The Grommet” marketing than they do to me… I’ll send photos in two weeks for you to assess, as I’ll be busy completing my master’s thesis this week and next.


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