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Kicking off 2012 with Tequila, Tears and a CakeWreck

Grommet team party, January 6, 2012

The Boston-based Grommet team happily kicked off the New Year at Joanne’s house.

By the way, this is not the first time the front of this solid brick house has been broadcast online…alas, it was on the cover of a dozen online papers when the freak Halloween snowstorm felled a massive ancient tree in Joanne’s front yard.

AP Photo by Michael Dwyer

The only accident at this party occurred whe Joanne’s favorite child (her dog Sydney) helped himself to our cake.  His ghoulish blue mouth clued her in before the team arrived.  (We just ate around the gashes.  Making do–in true startup fashion)

Even at a party, we tend to be testing Grommets.  In this case, we had set up a tequila toast because JULIA GOT ENGAGED the very night before our party, to her sweetheart Damian.  The man has great timing.  Gadzooks….our first Grommet wedding!

Julia and Damian had their celebratory tequila shots in a very cool upcoming Grommet:  Himalayan Salt Cups made by Spice Labs.  You freeze them ahead of time for the best tequila shot ever.

We have a new software engineer who, in his first three days,  has experienced a tearful good bye party for our first employee Jen, a full-team birthday celebration, and a Tequila Shots/CakeWrecks party.  Hmmm, what will we spring on him next week?

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