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All I want for Christmas is a 3-D Printer

Kickstarter is a red-hot online community that broadens access  to almost any kind of project funding.   You think of an idea, post it, and make a case for it and just might get it funded by strangers.  it’s a little like a geeky Kiva.  We’re watching a couple potential Grommets get born at Kickstarter, and looking forward to more ideas flowing our way as it grows.

I saw a 3-D printer project I loved a couple days ago.  I’m not the only one coveting this printer.  This project was funded in a crazy-fast 45 minutes!  And it’s not backed by chump change.  We are talking $157K in five days, against an initial goal of $25K.  The higher level backers get a fully-assembled and calibrated 3-D printer out of the project.

Having a 3-D printer in every home is now getting one step closer to reality, thanks to the people who invested in this project.

I’d love to have this in our office.  Hint. Hint.  🙂   We’d learn a lot about the tools available to our Grommet partners, and maybe even be able to help them out with fabricating a prototype or two.

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