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Real Deal Road Trip No. 12: Yankee and Make Magazine HQ’s

I’m always surprised at how down to earth small to medium size publisher offices tend to be.  Case in point.  Here’s where Make Magazine tests the projects they publish.  That’s founder Dale Dougherty in the photo.

Make Magazine (and parent O’Reilly Media) are in beautiful Sebastopol, California.  The field trip there was a real treat last week when I was in San Francisco. Such passionate people on that team–I love working with them and want to keep doing it.

Within a few days later, on my East Coast Flying Pumpkins trip, I also tripped on Yankee Publishing in charming Dublin, New Hampshire.


World HQ for Yankee Magazine and The Old Farmer's Almanac


Look at that picture-perfect New England Fall day!    On the other side of this building is this great (albeit apparently retired) community message board:

You can practically see Hester Pryne putting a notice up there.

I get so jazzed up being at places like this.  Where it all happens.  Things that matter.  I’d take this, over the impressive Time Life building in Manhattan, any day.  It has a great “Devil in Prada” vibe (serious security set up!), but I have such a stronger connection to the human scale of these buildings.  I project passion, caring, warmth just from standing in the parking lot.


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