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Strictly optional: scalloping oilcloth

My life has been wall-to-wall “mandatory” stuff for about two straight years.  Thus, this past weekend, I was practically giddy with delight to do something frivolous, satisfying, and whole-ly optional. I scalloped a giant piece of black oilcloth to create a beefy, oddball, and slightly aggressive tablecloth.  The silly, over-sized scallops make me laugh.  It looks like the cloth somehow escaped from Pee Wee’s Playhouse

Bonus:  you can write on it with chalk and wipe it clean.

Here is a photo of my template, and the work in progress:

Here is the trickiest part,  creating a nice corner:

The material is a little curly, so I could not take a picture of the final product. I am waiting for it to flatten out in situ.

I got my oilcloth AND the handy template from a Grommet supplier, Claudia Schwartz of Bell’ochio in San Francisco.  I saw one of these tablecloths in her workshop and she graciously agreed to supply me the raw materials.  I am pretty sure she will take your order too, if you are so inclined.  You know,  if you are also someone who would scallop a tablecloth in one of the rare optional hours in your life.

If not, what WOULD you do with an optional hour?  Just curious.

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