As an investor, founder, CEO and business book author, I write about startups, design, how to build a good business, and I like to muse about culture in any form.

Red Couch Interview

Level 3, a sponsor of SXSW, does this cool travelling series of “Red Couch” interviews.  It’s dead simple.  They ask you a few questions and off you go.  Here is my version.  It pretty much tells you where my head is at these days.

Click on the image to view the video.  Tell me if you have trouble.   (I had trouble getting this posted.)

3 Responses to “Red Couch Interview”

  1. Margaret McKenna

    You were superbly articulate in this interview, your message delivered so effectively. Wish you could value the humanities, though…

    • julespieri

      Thanks Margaret. I do value the humanities…I just think it interesting that a place like Harvard is attracting students who want to study in areas that might have been overlooked in the past.


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