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Citizen Commerce, the video

Almost 18 months ago I posted the first stiff and awkward video Joanne and I made. I asked for feedback, and it was really helpful. Here’s our latest. Does it speak to you?

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6 Responses to “Citizen Commerce, the video”

  1. Drew Beja

    Jules, Joanne & Team-

    I’ve been watching Daily Grommet since you and your team launched in October of 2008. In addition to thinking you’re onto and have something special, I’ve thought I fully “got it”. But this video took my understanding of and appreciation for Grommet and Citizen Commerce up a couple of notches. It conveys why you’ve struck such a chord with your customers and the scope of the opportunity before you.

    Kudos…on the video and on everything you’ve accomplished.

    • Jules Pieri

      Thanks Drew. Like any startup, we’ve gotten more clarity on our opportunity as people told us what they liked and didn’t like. I think we’ve always been headed on a Citizen Commerce path, but we are far better able to articulate it and execute it after the experience of discovering and telling almost 400 Grommet stories. We’ve already meaningfully delivered on this promise of changing the world, one company and product at a time.

      The weird thing is that we are very confident about making videos about other companies. It’s much harder for us to do the same for ourselves. This video was really hard to shoot.

  2. Claudia

    Jules and Joanne, and Grommet team: You’ve come a long way, baby!
    Fun, informative, and draws the viewer in.
    My only suggestion would be to say “Daily Grommet” a little more and “Citizen Commerce” a little less in order to avoid any misunderstanding of what the name of the company is (for someone who is not paying close attention ).
    By the way, who’s that gal in the blue shirt? She looks like she could be Citizen Commerce herself!

    • julespieri

      Good catch Claudia. We got a little carried away with saying our new favorite term. And yes, that blueshirt gal carries the banner.

  3. Barbara Kotlikoff

    Hi Jules and Joanne:

    I love the video and the use of “Citizen Commerce”! You both look wonderful and I full of energy. I watch your emails everyday and love them — and I pass them along regularly. Also, congrats on the funding which I read about on Jules’ blog. Saw Daphne Kis for lunch recently and we were singing your praises.

    All the best,


    • julespieri

      Barbara, thanks for the kind words! We have a mutual fan club going on, including the inestimable Daphne Kis.


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