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Business card insanity, or what?

Everyone on the Daily Grommet team lives on an austerity budget.  It’s just been the reality of doing a startup at the exact same time the economy collapsed.  There are no frills or indulgences.  Except one.  Our business cards.

I was recently interviewed by Jill Gambon, of Mass High Tech, about how startups save money on furniture and fixtures.  I found myself raising the topic of our relatively expensive business cards.  I explained that because 5-10% of our Grommets are about preserving craft, it would be disingenuous of us to have a cheap VistaPrint business card.  We have to support what we believe in.  And if that means I have to shack up with other startup founders while travelling, to save the business cards, I am all for it.

But I still felt somewhat indulgent about it.  Our card is made of thick chipboard that has a custom letterpress printed pattern on the back.  It is wrapped with a separate matte-finish white adhesive label.   We have to hand assemble each one.  I always feel a little crazy when I welcome a new employee with this little manual task.

So…imagine my delight to find out from our designers at Alphabet Arm (via Twitter, natch) that this “crazy” card is being featured in a new book:  The Best of Business Card Design (9).   Design awards do not equal business success, but I still take this little piece of ego-stroking recognition on board.  You have to celebrate every victory in a startup.

P.S.  Just found out the card was included in another book celebrating top business card designs.  Thanks Alphabet Arm.

3 Responses to “Business card insanity, or what?”

  1. Emily

    You know what is so funny, Jules, just recently I was cleaning my desk drawer and I came across your card… of course, I have all of your contact info in other places, and don’t have a physical Rolodex where I usually keep cards I get, but I couldn’t bring myself to toss it… too thick, too unique, too special. Congrats on the book mention!

    • julespieri

      Your story delighted me Emily. Thanks for hanging onto our little piece of ephemera.

      And….I am in NY tonight, and Patti and I are sharing a hotel room to save $, and the cards. (I’m not sure she is so into preserving the cards, but she’s being a good sport.)


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