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Live TV makes video seem like a piece of cake.

Today.  Monday AM.  8:45 segment on NECN…on “Gifts to Match Any Budget.”  I hadn’t done any live TV since I lived in Ireland.  It’s a lot harder than video. Every word out of your mouth has the potential to be a major screw up.  We just edit those out in video.

But our CMO Jeanne had me well prepared, and the host, Karen Swensen made it a pleasure.

Karen Swensen, of NECN

The only real glitch was after the show.  Jeanne and I had been gone for ten minutes when Karen Swensen called,

Hi Jules.  This is Karen Swensen from NECN.  Do you happen to still have our mike on your belt?

Oh I am such a pro.  NOT.

3 Responses to “Live TV makes video seem like a piece of cake.”

  1. Claudia

    Great piece! All those details and prices of the various grommets just rolled off your tongue. I think you’re ready for prime time!


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