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Twitter Lists…a new flirting tool?

Twitter Lists provide a fascinating way to see view how other people categorize your expertise and interests.  For example, people generally put me on startups/marketing/design/CEO lists.  And “women” lists.  But I noticed the other day that someone I respect enormously put me on a “most attractive/smart” list.  It sure got my attention and  I was ridiculously flattered–even though the list is quite long and can’t be all that exclusive.

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But it made me think…this Twitter list thing would be a terrific way to get someone’s attention.  To let them know you are interested in their thoughts or expertise.  In other words, putting someone on a Twitter List could become a new way to “flirt” professionally, or personally.  The flattering list I am on fits most definitely in the “professional” category.  (I have to be 1000% clear on that important point!)  In the professional “flirting” vein, I can imagine courting biz dev prospects this way.  Or investors.  Or customers.  Or future employees.  Or partners.  (Now I myself can’t actually do that, since I just blew my cover.)

On the “personal flirting” side, I don’t know a single teenager who uses Twitter, but if the high school crowd ever goes there en masse,  I am quite sure they could get up to all kinds of list-making hijinks.

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