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Yep. Pretty much one-stop shopping.

I have absolutely no objectivity on this topic, but I think Daily Grommet pretty much covers any gift need.  We are fast and furiously assembling 21 different holiday gift guides.  Here are the first ones, for your browsing pleasure.

Gifts for Women

Stocking stuffers for kids and teens

Stocking stuffers for grown-ups

Teacher gifts

Host and hostess gifts

Customized gifts….order these early

I’ll add the others as they come along.

P.S. Here are the new ones:

Green gifts

Gifts for Guys

Gifts for Dogs

Gifts for Moms

For the person who has everything

Gifts for sports enthusiasts

Gifts for Grandparents

Gifts for Teenagers

Gifts with Meaning

Gifts for Kids

Office and Office Gag Gifts

2 Responses to “Yep. Pretty much one-stop shopping.”

  1. Elen Grey

    I feel the same way. I clicked every link! FYI – “Teacher gifts” link seems to be dead.

    Gorilla Torch and Hanky Panky? Oh, my. Really, my faves….. so far!


    • julespieri

      Thanks Elen, for the enthusiasm, and for also doing a little broken link Quality Control work for me. I fixed the Teacher’s Gift Guide.

      You had me worried for a split second, though. For some reason I thought you were saying we suggested “Hanky Panky” for a teacher’s gift. ??? I know we can get a little off-center at times…but that would be a bridge too far.


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