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Happy Birthday Daily Grommet! We’re giving ourselves a new site….


What do you know–Daily Grommet turned one!   We launched October 20 of 2008–the same time as the stock market crashed.   According to conventional wisdom, it was a funky year to start a business.  But, thankfully,  we learned that tough times actually make people even more thoughtful about the products and services they support.     So… was a truly great year to start Daily Grommet.

We’re celebrating with a renovated site design.   Please let me know if we hit (or missed) the mark on achieving the site design goals, below:

  • Make it easier to find the catalog of Grommets. We used to make people work WAY too hard to find the single button that got you there.  But the reality is that each Grommet lives and breathes on our site in perpetuity.  The conversation with their creators often continues on way past the day that the Grommet was on our home page.  So now you can, hopefully, find them easily, and add comments about your own experiences with a Grommet you buy from us.
  • Keep a thumbnail view of the most recent Grommets on the home page. When new people show up on our site and we are featuring, say, a piece of outdoor gear, they think that is all we do.  Showing a little photo of other recent Grommets will help people get a quicker grasp on the range of things we find.  And it will help our regular Grommet viewers keep tabs on what they might have missed.
  • Make it easier to submit a Grommet idea, by putting the calls for submissions more prominently on the page.
  • Make it easier to share a Grommet on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Make it possible to buy more than one Grommet at a time. I know.  That sounds awfully basic.  We ARE an e-commerce site.  But, like etsy (a great place to find handcrafts), we used to make people buy directly from the Grommet supplier, once the Grommet was in the catalog.  That slowed people down too much–having to navigate new sites and a separate transaction for every purchase.
  • Don’t go messing with people’s minds. Keep true to the homegrown experience we built over the last year.
  • Keep it simple. I’m worried we cluttered things up too much.  What do you think?

Thanks for all your good wishes, support, and Grommet purchases over the last year.  We really can, together, decide which products get found, shared, supported, and bought. Truly.  Please keep spreading the word….we depend on it–and we want to get to our second birthday, for sure.

You can email me, or leave a comment here. ( jules @ dailygrommet . com)

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