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One can only laugh

I love to work with funny people.   Patti Purcell, our COO, outdid herself yesterday at the MTLC unConference.  Here’s the scene:

Venture Capitalist, with British accent, casually meeting Patti for the first time:

So what do you do?

Patti starts to answer him, but the man immediately begins scanning the room, not listening to a word she says.

Patti changes tack and says,

Basically I spend most of the day plucking eyeballs off of baby dolls.

Mr. VC nodded vaguely, and wandered off.  A nearby bystander said,

What did you just say??

I, myself,  FOMCALMAO.  (Google it.)

3 Responses to “One can only laugh”

    • julespieri

      The trick is not to take it personally. You never know what is going on in the other person’s head….and some people don’t realize that they do this chronically.


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