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Great things are happening to the Grommets


A central reason for doing Daily Grommet is to help the “good guys” win.  Our vision has always included helping the Grommets to really get lift-off–because of the power of our community and story distribution.  We really do believe we can harness Oprah-like power and reach, some day.  We’re on our way. Here’s a roundup of some of the big events happening for Grommets and their hard-working creators, all of which happened as a direct result of their Daily Grommet feature:

These are just the events of which we are aware (and I can specifically recall as I write this post.)  We really don’t hear about many huge outcomes until long after their happening.

Beyond these events, we also do a lot of ongoing promotion of Grommets via our partnerships with large publishers like Yahoo! Shine.   You can see how we work with them here.  It would be really hard for an individual Grommet supplier to get their story told on Yahoo! Shine, so our relationship with the site is very powerful for building awareness of various Grommets.   We’ve had dozens of them already featured there, and on other influential sites like Divine Caroline.

We keep re-surfacing the Grommet stories to new audiences, every day.  With some upcoming site redesign we will also be able to do that more effectively on our own site.

All of these special events make me really happy.  I want to see these inventive but lesser-known companies succeed.  And I deeply appreciate the support that everyone in the Grommet community lends by spreading the word.  It sounds vaguely Socialist to say so, but I really do think we can put the power to decide which products succeed in the hands of “the people.”   You. Me.  Us.

One week later update: Both Living Proof and Pearl’s Premium were featured on “Chronicle”, a well-beloved New England news program.  They found Pearl’s while researching another show, but I am pretty sure we tipped them off about Living Proof.  (I only wish they would have let people know about Daily Grommet….next time.  We could get them a great story every week!)

3 Responses to “Great things are happening to the Grommets”

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    […] awareness of a product, and people return to us to buy later, or to share the story.   (I wrote a separate post about the wonderful things we’ve seen happen for Grommet suppliers, as a result of our community finding and sharing […]

  2. Rosemary Hall

    Hey there, interesting website, just curious what filtering program you have on your site for filtering out junk websites because I get lots on my web site.


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