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Twist as gifts – Yippee! Yippee! Yippee!

The above title of this post is lifted straight from an email subject line.  Patti sent it around to the whole team last week.  She was letting everyone know about something wonderful that happened with one of the Grommets.  It was the Twist Clean Bundle, a wonderfully effective set of green cleaning “tools”.

Twist Clean Bundle, photo by Sue Bruce
Twist Clean Bundle, photo by Sue Bruce

The day we told the story of this Grommet, we were contacted by two administrators in the Facilities Management department of the University of Iowa.  They were interested in placing a very large order for the Twist product.  They are organizing a national conference for facilities management folks from a huge range of American colleges.  The topic of the conference is “Elevating our Leadership in Sustainability” and they’d like to give the attendees the Twist product to take away, as they fan out back to their home states.

This is a really big deal for Twist.  Twist just happens to be one of the companies Joanne dubbed as “nice” after her first contact, which makes us root for them all the more.

But here’s the big point.  We, collectively,  helped Twist by spreading the story.  The real power of those stories is realized when our community shares them. In this case, one of the Iowa women had learned about Twist, and Daily Grommet, through word of mouth.  She closed her last email with:

I am extremely appreciative of all your help…and I’m thrilled my sister shared an email with me from the Daily Grommet!  (smiley face)

That sister might have thought she was doing something kind of small–telling her sister about a site she likes.  But look at the power of this single email, for making a real difference in spreading the word about this wonderful Twist company.

Click here to visit the Daily Grommet homepage.

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