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Google Voice…get your red hot account here!

google-voice-logoOK, so we don’t feature well-known, press-o-rama products at Daily Grommet.  What would be the point?  But we’re making an exception for Google Voice.  Why?  Because we have been given 100 free beta accounts for our faithful followers.  Jeanne approached Craig Walker, the founder of GrandCentral (who created the product and was then acquired by Google) with the idea, and he agreed.  He liked the notion of getting these precious accounts into the hands of the thoughtful and adventurous people who frequent Daily Grommet.
In case you missed the tech world hoopla, here’s what BusinessWeek just wrote about Google Voice:

In late June, Google concluded a private test of Google Voice and began inviting consumers on its waiting list to sign up for the service. Users of Google Voice use the Internet to make phone calls, listen to voice mails and read transcripts of them, and also to get a unified phone number that can track them down based on what phone they’re near.

Anyway, we can’t just GIVE them away.  We have to make it a bit of fun.  Go here to the Daily Grommet blog to learn more about Google Voice and how to snag one of these accounts.  They do seem to be as rare as hen’s teeth.  Jeanne’s been testing the product with her own beta account, and her cousin who is a journalist, said,

How the heck did you get an account?  I’m a REPORTER and I can’t seem to get one!”

Jeanne just smiled her Cheshire Cat smile, and said something soothing.  (I imagine.)

4 Responses to “Google Voice…get your red hot account here!”

  1. PieterB

    It’s so funny, this fuzz over Google Voice. I am using Skype Professional for years now, and it gives me up to three phone numbers, in different countries if I want. I am only using a 718 (Brooklyn, NY) number my friends and business contacts can call. I am in Europe, and those calls forward within seconds to the phone I choose, landline or mobile, in Holland or wherever I reside, when I am away from my computer, for a monthly fee of about 10 USD. I can use the answering system of Skype, or the voicemail systems of my regular phones.
    Also I can call – from my computer or internet enabled cell- for free to almost any developed country in the world. From anywhere.

    When I first told people in the US about Skype, nobody believed me. It was too cheap, too European I guess.

    • Jules Pieri

      Pieter, I was living in Dublin when Skype came out. What a lifesaver for me then.

  2. International Phone Cards Online

    I love Google Voice. There SMS feature actually got me into it. I am able to send free text messages to Bangladesh, India, and USA. It saves me good money on my texting plan from Verizon Wireless because I can utilize that to send now. I think Google always does a wonderful job of giving customers what they want and need. I have discovered in the future they are integrating Voice with the Android. Plus they bought a new VoIP company which they will mix with the other two to give some excellent features. I need to get me a Androind now haha.

    • julespieri

      Thanks for the feedback. I did something I rarely do…I bought a Droid from Verizon on its first day of release. I am pretty happy with it but I still under-use many of its cool features. I have a talent for turning this smart phone into a dumb one, methinks.


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