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What happened AFTER this photo was shot

A very nice freelance photographer, Aram Boghosian, shot this photo at Daily Grommet.  It’s running in the Globe today.  We were a little worried about how it would turn out.  The poor man was hit with a strong case of the hiccups just before he started shooting.  We tried a bunch of old-home remedies, to no avail.  So….we are grateful he got off a pretty clear shot between hiccups.

Joanne Domeniconi (left) and Jeanne Connon tested a SodaStream product for the Daily Grommet. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

Joanne Domeniconi (left) and Jeanne Connon tested a SodaStream product for the Daily Grommet. (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

But even funnier, after we tested the fizz-making power of the SodaStream, we added some grapefruit flavor to make soda.  I shook the bottle a little too enthusiastically, and the just-mixed pink concoction exploded out of the bottle when opened.  At the loud fire-off, our poor photographer hit the deck.  As Aram picked himself off the ground he good-naturedly quipped,

I think I just failed the first test of photo journalism.  Imagine what I would have done if real bullets were flying!

5 Responses to “What happened AFTER this photo was shot”

  1. christine

    Hi –
    What a great idea you have in starting this venture!
    I purchased sodastream in January and we LOVE it! We were seltzer addicts (still are). In fact I just received my first set of carbonator refills. Sodastream is great for the environment, and our wallets – you can’t beat that!

  2. julespieri

    @Christine That idea came to us from Omar Khudari, whose family loves seltzer water, but did not love the environmental impact of all the commercial production and transport. And you are right…it produces great soda/soda water at an attractive price. Thanks for the good word about Daily Grommet too.

  3. Daniel Weinreb

    We just got ours, and it really works! I’ll send Omar a thank-you note!

    I learned two day ago that my brother-in-law had been suffering from unrelenting hiccups. He was admitted to the hospital, where he was given a large dose of Thorazine. After he woke up two days later, he was cured. I am not making this up!


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