As an investor, founder, CEO and business book author, I write about startups, design, how to build a good business, and I like to muse about culture in any form.

Everywhere I go…

I just came back from my son’s lacrosse team barbeque.  One of the player’s dads collared me with a conspiratorial look and said, “I have a great Grommet for you.”  I was surprised at the source–I didn’t even know Bob knew what I do for a living.  But his idea was intriguing.

This happens to me everywhere I go.  I have a new doctor and the first time I visited, she was running late.  I told her we had to make the appointment quick because I was due back in the office to shoot a couple videos.  This apparently led to my doctor looking at the Daily Grommet website and becoming somewhat addicted to the experience.  Now every time I visit her, my adorable young hipster doc moves briskly through the predictable medical stuff so she can excitedly pull me into her office and show me “the cool new Grommet idea I have for you.”    We’re going to feature one of her (consistently great) ideas shortly.

What is the point?  Virtually everyone has  a product they love and want to tell the world about.  What’s the other point?  This is pure fun. It is nothing like the poor medical doctor everyone hits up for a free diagnosis at a cocktail party.  I never tire of these these Grommet ideas.  Even the ones we can never do…because I love seeing the passion people have for them.

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