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Another brick in the wall

Jane Hamilton, and me.

Jane Hamilton, and me.

I’ve written before about the milestones that move Daily Grommet forward.  We had one today, in that we launched a new book from a very famous author.  Jane Hamilton was discovered by Oprah, with her first novel, “The Book of Ruth.”  And Oprah also made a big success of Jane’s second novel, “Map of the World.”  Imagine our delight when Jane’s publicist asked us to help launch her latest book, “Laura Rider’s Masterpiece.”  She sent an advance copy, I devoured it, loved it, and we gave it the green light.

So Jane flew in from her Wisconsin home, and we sat on the Daily Grommet back stoop for a chat.  (Midwestern girls are porch sitters, through and through.  But it was too windy that day to sit out front.  The back door was cozy and sunny, albeit only three feet from the trash bins.  Jane took it all very well.)

Jane was hilarious, sardonic, irreverent, and I wanted to be her pal.  Buy her book.  You’ll love it.  A smart, satirical beach read.

Post-interview chat with Jesse, our video producer.  Note the trash cans just between Jesse and Jane.  What a good sport she was.

Post-interview chat with Jesse, our video producer. The overflowing Daily Grommet trash cans are just out of view, behind Jane. What a good sport she was, being interviewed a stone's throw away from them.

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