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Grommet Sculpture Four: The Prosperity Hens Edition

I wrote awhile back about the role of art in the office.  And about how we fabricate our own sculptures to use as backdrop in our videos.  (And most importantly, why.)  Joanne made our fourth Grommet Sculpture this past weekend.  She and I put the final touches on it just this evening.  We’ll use it in a video tomorrow.

Joanne did everything for this one....I just whipped out the sewing machine to do some final touches.

Joanne did everything for this one....I just whipped out the sewing machine to do some final touches.

The main reason for this new sculpture is to incorporate some gorgeous “Prosperity Hens.”  These are strands of brightly colored cloth hens that are crafted in the stark desert of Northern India by women who have formed a crafts cooperative.  Joanne and Jeanne met the woman behind this Indian business, Indika, and were captivated by her story.  Together, they landed on  the idea of incorporating these prosperity hens as symbolic good wishes for all of the Grommet suppliers we find.  (And for Daily Grommet…we need good luck too!)

Joanne arranging the Prosperity Hens sculpture.

Joanne arranging the Prosperity Hens sculpture, next to Nataly's desk.

My terrible digital camera skills are not doing these hens justice.  They are beautifully crafted with carefully chosen glass beads, silver ornaments, and tinkling hand-formed brass bells.


We hung some other things on there too that we will feature soon on an upcoming video, but I will save that story for now.

Finally, it might seem odd that, when we are working all the hours God makes, that we would spend time on such a non-essential activity.  But we do so deliberately.  Some of our earliest Grommets have been handcrafts, and we would like to continue to discover those types of products.  In spending a little time on our own sculptures, we feel a tiny bit more connected to our craft-oriented Grommets and their creators.

5 Responses to “Grommet Sculpture Four: The Prosperity Hens Edition”

  1. julespieri

    Hi Judie,

    You can buy the hens here…. They really are just as good in person. If you do go ahead and buy them, it would be great if you could mention that you saw them on my blog, related to Daily Grommet. I like for our suppliers to know that we “blanket the web” for them.

  2. Tracy Erickson


    My name is Tracy I love your properity hens and would love to buy some, could you tell where I could find some nice ones!

    I really appreciate it

    (415) 385-5170


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