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Takes me right back to Ireland

I had all kinds of happy messages from Dublin on Inauguration Day.  Made me miss the place more than usual.  I only lived there at a time when it was very hard, as just one person, to balance out the extreme Irish distaste for George Bush.  I was told that Irish people automatically distrust Republican US Presidents and give Democrats the benefit of the doubt.  It killed me when people would say something like, “Do you know that your President did [fill in the blank]!”  Like either I had some direct line to call him up, or worse, like I had no idea of what went on the in US.

Anyway, I love the way this singer pronounces “Barack”.  Took me right back, and and I would probably pronounce it the same if I were living there, just to fit in.

It’s by Hardy Gill and you can read the words here.

4 Responses to “Takes me right back to Ireland”

  1. Claudia

    I don’t think there has been such an outpouring of positive sentiment for Americans since 9/11. And this time for a wonderfully inspiring reason! Feels good to be an American.
    Loved the song, and who knew Barack could dance (sort of)?

  2. julespieri

    Totally agree. Feels so great to have a little warmth and hope directed our way across the oceans and borders. And…I thought Barack had great dance style in that little clip.

  3. Beth Locke

    Hi Jules,

    I am a friend of Jeanne and Jen. I was just fiddling around on Daily Grommet and ended up at your blog. I am in tears over this Irish Obama video. Literally, I am an odd person who cries whenever I hear Irishness (or for that sake Celticness) in any form. This just made my day. I will be sending out to all of my relatives who are, of course, Irish. Thanks!

  4. julespieri

    Beth–Glad it gave you a good chuckle. I am someone who laughs at any Irishness. Not in a “laughing at you” kind of way….much more of a “Damn, I miss you guys” kind of way. (I lived there with my family from 2001-2005.) We just took off and moved there, speculatively. Loved it. Miss it.


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