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My dog is for sale

gracie-tile.jpgI love the custom manufacturing business models of Zazzle, GoodStorm and CafePress. They blend made-to-order JIT manufacturing with UGC, seemingly as effortlessly as ABC. Example: upload a favorite romantic photo and make official USPS stamps for your Valentines. Or a single t-shirt, or a print for your wall.  Product production and personalization delivered on a micro scale!

But I just had a shock, learning that our recently deceased family pet, and rescue greyhound, Gracie, is featured in a whole line of CafePress merchandise. I knew that the local Grey2K activist group had commissioned a photo shoot of her a few years ago, for their publications. (Imagine driving down the road and seeing your own dog on a bumper sticker.) And for Christmas we received some lovely notecards from the Grey2K director which featured a watercolor painting of Gracie on the cover.  But take a look at this Cafe Press link. Gracie is now the canine cover girl on everything from coasters, to tshirts, to mugs, to….a “Classic Gracie Thong!” I can’t get upset, though. Sandy, the artist, gives 10% of her profits to animal rights groups.  And now I could, thanks to CafePress, choose to pursue a whole “Gracie, Greyhound with Character” lifestyle.  Maybe someone out there will.  Go Gracie Go.

2 Responses to “My dog is for sale”

  1. julespieri

    I was waiting for you to buy it for me Carolyn.

    Hey–we have two new greyhounds as of last week. They came with the goofy names of Gigi and Stud. Stud’s name is perfect–he is like a happy dumb jock. Lopes over, tail constantly wagging “Ooo ooo ooo are you a dog? Wanna play? Wanna play?” Gigi is the thinker of the pair. Takes her time in approaching, carefully doling out her affections to only the known and most worthy.


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