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Netvibes: a new tool for the Web’s most socially networked

The first person who showed me Netvibes about a year ago was my former boss, Meg Whitman. I paid attention. Recently, my techie pal Jane Childs in Sydney raved about it. I am seeing a fair bit of traffic to my blog from the site. Finally, my college-senior /social media “guru” Amanda Mooney posted this. I really have to get up to speed on Netvibes.

clipped from
Netvibes pioneered the personalized startpage, an alternative to
traditional Web portals. With millions of users in more than 150
countries, Netvibes lets individuals assemble all in one place their
favorite websites, blogs, email accounts, social networks, search
engines, instant messengers, photos, videos, podcasts, widgets, and
everything else they enjoy on the Web. Founded in 2005 by Tariq Krim,
Netvibes has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco.

  • Helps you manage your digital life and share it with your friends
  • Brings all your favorite MySpace, Digg, YouTube, Gmail, Flickr,
    eBay, accounts – you name it (no, really, you can rename
    our entire site) – together on your own personal Netvibes page
  • Share with your friends or colleague your favorite modules
  • 100% customizable – no ads, no logos, no corporate control

For more informations about the product, you can visit our blog.

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3 Responses to “Netvibes: a new tool for the Web’s most socially networked”

  1. amandamooney

    Jules- having you call me a “social media guru”, however inaccurate:), made my night. I’m going to make a post this weekend about cool new mom communities and blogs that I’ve been learning about- would love to know if you have tried out any of these sites and what you think about them.

  2. julespieri

    Amanda–my description of you is quite accurate. I will check out the communities you mention–just like I check out most of your findings. I haven’t spent any time on mom sites–ever–but I think I would enjoy it if I can wade past the newbies and find the more experienced battle axes like myself. I can’t get too jazzed up over toilet training issues when I am facing taking my first born off to college a week from today!

  3. amandamooney

    🙂 Best of luck with the move!

    I definitely agree that there are a fair amount of new moms on these sites. Minti is interesting because it’s a space for you to write and read articles on parenting so it’s a bit grown up (like Hubpages for parents.)

    Another interesting site to check out as a blogger is I just found out that someone listed and “bought stock” in my blog. I’d definitely invest in some virtual shares of JulesPieri@wordpress.


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