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Google and eBay spat–yikes!

Really fascinated by the eBay decision to pull its search advertising off of Google, in retaliation for Google’s holding a “Freedom Party” to promote its Google Checkout service.  The Google event did seem like a kick in the teeth to eBay, given its total overlap with the Boston eBay Live event–a place where Google Checkout would be looking to pull cream of the crop eBay users away from PayPal. 

At Ziggs we have partnerships with both companies (Google and PayPal) so observing these uneasy alliances feels like watching a Red Sox v. Tigers game.  I live in Boston, I come from Detroit, but to whom do I owe my loyalty?  Luckily, both teams couldn’t care less about my allegiance.  I don’t have to choose.  I get to simply love them both. 

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